Supporting The African Australian Community

Improving Outcomes For African Australian Communities

Ubuntu Project aims to improve integration outcomes and services for African Australian communities by working along side government departments, charity organisations and service providers to better tailor their services to the community.

Working Alongside The Community, Private & Public Sectors

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We provide a wide range of services and resources to the African Australian Community



We run a number of programs, working with families and young people to create opportunities to support their learning and development, ensuring a better life in Australia



We advocate for policies, programs and services that benefit the African community within Australia


Building & Support

We place high value upon the creation and development of other community led organizations within this space, and support the establishment of the new generation of effective community leaders



We believe in working with organisations to create the best possible outcomes for all people



We seek to support the community by providing a range of vital and beneficial resources

Work With Us

This ideal is a part of everything we do, from fielding soccer teams to high level government consultancy, and is the core underpinning of our values as an organisation. Ubuntu Project believes in the empowerment of the community, with the majority of our operations focusing in this key point.